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Origin Pond D Project


Allconstruct have been contracted as the main concrete contractor for all the concrete structure works on this Origin Pond D project. Our construction team have been involved in the form setting, steel fixing and concreting of the following structures:


• Spillway

• Concrete Pipe Encasements 

• Inter pond transfer system post foundations

• Pipe crossing slab

• Solar Panel, Instrument Stand & RTU Slab

• Pump Station Slab

• Air Valve Assembly Slab

• Drilling and chem setting of HD Bolts to Bollard Foundations

Our Management

The Project and Management Systems Team implemented a range of safety, quality, and environmental procedures on this site to improve efficiency across each project.

The client acknowledged our commitment and understanding of controlling all documents, trace ability and overall project quality.

Value Add

Allconstruct workmanship and management knowledge of specifications and drawings reassured the client of quality end product for all structures constructed.