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Plant Hire

Our heavy-duty equipment and up-to-date machinery enables us to service a wide range of private, government and resource sector infrastructure projects in regional Australia.

Low mobilisation costs are a key feature of our plant hire services, with advanced machinery and equipment located in rural Queensland and ready for instant deployment. We inspect and service all assets regularly in line with industry safety regulations.

Plant Hire (Wet & Dry):

  • Air Vac Hire - (T-Vac and Air Vac Machines)
  • Grader Hire - (140M, 120M, 12M) with UTS or Trimble GPS
  • Roller Hire - Smooth Drum, Pad Foot, Multi Tyre - 12 to 24 T
  • Water Truck Hire - 12 KL - Batter Sprays, Fan Sprays, Dribble Bars
  • Loader Hire - Forks, Buckets, Lifting Eye
  • 5 - 8 T Combo Hire - Excavator & Tipper
  • Excavator Hire - (14 - 25 T) with Trimble GPS if required
  • Bobcat Hire - Tracked Loaders for site cleanup