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Rathdowney Reservoir Project


This project site was located at Rathdowney Qld. The works program included the widening of 2.4km of existing entrance road to the reservoir, storm-water upgrade, pavement strengthening and landscaping.


Key elements included:

  • Earthworks
  • Construct of all the concrete structures i.e. reservoir foundation footings, air and scour valve pits, culvert precast fitting and in-situ head-walls
  • Drainage Works
  • Traffic Management Challenges
  • Extreme Weather
  • Traffic Management

Our Management

The Project and Management Systems Team implemented a range of safety, quality, and environmental procedures on this site to improve efficiency across the project engagement.

The client acknowledged our commitment and understanding of controlling all documents, traceability and overall project quality.

Value Add

Allconstruct engaged local subcontractors to assist in the delivery of the project which provided

economic benefit to the project and flow on effect to the local community.