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Safety & Policy

Allconstruct is a construction company who are committed to the continual improvement of the safety, health and welfare of all of our employees, contractors and visitors, in so far as it is reasonably practicable. Health and Safety is always Allconstruct number one priority in relation to each place of work, materials, equipment, plant and machinery.

We believe that every injury is preventable and we embed that philosophy into every Allconstruct project through a combination of technical and field procedures and ongoing training programs.

Our clients, employees and partners share a common certainty about Allconstruct: safety is paramount. Health and Safety is more than a written policy, it is the foundation of how we work in the field, at our sites and in our offices.

In addition to benefiting our employees through reduced injuries and lost work, our commitment to safety is a leading indicator for our clients of strong performance through the life cycle.

  • Our goal is zero workplace incidents
  • We believe that every accident is preventable
  • We not only instill best practices into our safety culture, we create them
  • We rely on experience, continuous training, and adherence to strict standards to ensure the safety of our employees, our partners and our surrounding communities

Viewing the entire construction site as a community, we use a team approach to identify safety and quality problems and formulate proactive responses.

Improving work place safety via innovation & technology

Allconstruct Pty Ltd is also actively involved in designing cutting edge patented systems with the aim of improving work place safety. One such advance is the creation of the Safe Prop propping system, with an innovative engineered design that's been manufactured and lab tested here in Australia.