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"Allconstruct recognises, in addition to the environmental and social benefits, the business benefits of operating with sustainability in mind"

Over the past number of years, we have worked with numerous design teams and clients to ensure that our developments are self sustainable and eco-friendly where possible. In addition, movement towards a ‘person-centred’ and ‘socially inclusive’ approach in the planning, design/construction of a built environment, i.e. placing real people, their needs and responsible desires at the centre of creative endeavours, is encouraged and fostered by every key decision we make with our design and build teams.

We endeavour to enact, operate, monitor and control effective health, safety and welfare related legislation; the base concerning human health and safety, environmental protection and consumer protection, is set at a high level, and is taken into account for any new project undertaken by Allconstruct Pty Ltd. All practicable means for an improvement in sustainability and energy efficiency, and the reduction and elimination of adverse effects on the environment, are shown in our Environmental Policy.